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Use code STUBBY10 for an additional 10% off your first order! Spend $50+ and get FREE shipping (US only)!
Use code STUBBY10 for an additional 10% off your first order! Spend $50+ and get FREE shipping (US only)!

Blower Comparison


The graphs below compare the air force (lbs), airflow (CFM), air speed (MPH), runtime (minutes), noise (dB), weight (lbs), length (in), price ($), and value ($/CFM) of many of the most popular electric leaf blowers available on the market today. When applicable, the graph shows the manufacturer's claimed specs and the measured results using both the stock tube and a STUBBY® nozzle. This data was captured using high-accuracy, calibrated equipment in a temperature-controlled environment.



  • Blowers were set to their maximum speed (i.e. Turbo mode) for all tests
  • Batteries were fully charged to 100% for all tests
  • The default "kit" battery size was used for each blower, when possible
  • CFM and MPH readings were taken 2" away from the blower outlet
  • CFM and MPH readings of the "stock tube" were taken without stock tips
  • SPL readings were taken 14" away from the blower inlet


Blowers Tested


Our testing shows that STUBBY® nozzles typically result a decrease in airflow but an increase in air speed compared to the stock tubes. Surprisingly, the runtime and sound pressure level (SPL) results varied drastically from blower to blower. For some blowers, the STUBBY® nozzle increased the runtime and decreased the SPL. For other blowers, the opposite was true. However, on average, the runtime increased by a negligible +0.5% and the SPL increased by +3.9 dB when using a STUBBY® nozzle.


Highest Air Force (5.8 lbs) & Highest Air Flow (716 CFM)

Greenworks 730 (BL80L02)
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Highest Air Speed (146 MPH) & Quietest (90.5 dB)

RYOBI 730 (RY404010BTL)
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Longest Runtime (19:44) & Most Consistent CFM/MPH Over Time

Milwaukee Dual Battery (2824-20)
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Lightest (5.48 lbs w/ 4 Ah battery)

Makita 18V (XBU03Z)
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Shortest Overall Length (14.5")

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Least Expensive ($119 for kit) & Best Value per CFM/MPH

SKIL 40V (BL4713-10)
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